Social Media Day 2013

Social Media Day 2013 on Sunday was the fourth event of its kind, stemming from the original idea sparked by Mashable back in 2010. They conceived the event to acknowledge and celebrate the revolution of media becoming social.

Today, there are events and meet-ups all around the world. There were even a few in Helsinki. What about EzyInsights? Our CEO reached a very special milestone, his 40th birthday, and we were there to celebrate & socialize offline.

Social Media Day @ezyinsights

Social Media Day Facts

  • Started in 2010
  • Mashable #SMday shares in Facebook:
    • 2010 – 1.3k
    • 2011 – 1.6k
    • 2012 – 2.2k
    • 2013 –  4.2k
  • 300+ communities worldwide
  • Social Media Day recognized in over 20 cities

You can see more about what happened on Mashable: or check out Twitter for the hashtag #smday – it’s still alive. You can also check the goings-on at specific events, for example; Burlington Social Media day looks  like it was a fun event to participate in.

What about you? Did you take part in any Social Media events near you?

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