EU elections 2019 top the news across Europe. (But not in Finland).

European election news dominated in most EU countries. 

Sunday 26th May saw votes cast and counted across all EU member states for MEPs to represent each country in the European Parliament. News items covering the election were the most engaging in almost every European country, with a few interesting exceptions, most notably, Finland.


But wait! The first exception is Austria, which is currently in the midst of a gripping political scandal involving the far right party and "Ibiza-gate". Domestic Politics trumped EU news here.


Both Far left and and Far right parties made gains in Belgium.


The top two overperforming stories from the Czech Republic concern the EU elections.

The United Kingdom

The misbehaving child on the EU naughty step trumpets the victory of Nigel Farage's hard Brexit Party. 

The Netherlands

Oddly, the top overperforming stories in the Netherlands are about pink flamingos and Kawasakis. EU news does eventually feature at the tail end of the top ten. 


Even in one of the EU's more reluctant member states, news of the 'Green Wave' topped news sites. 


"The globalists didn't succeed" squawks another far right Estonian figure. 


Although serious news about the EU elections appears in the fastest engaging French news, the leading story is a piece about a 95 year old lady who turned up to vote and discovered she had died 2 years previously, according to the records.


Finland is another exception regarding EU election coverage. The usually pro-European Nordic nation is dominated on this day by one subject: their World Championship Ice Hockey win last night.

To give you an idea of scale, here are over 50 stories. One of them is not about Hockey.

Three out of 100 stories featured EU election news. 

Germany, Italy and Spain

Three of the big hitters in Europe feature stories about the EU election in their top overperforming stories.


Finally, looking across the most popular European stories over the past 12 hours turns up some stories about the EU election.