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EzyInsights Intelligence

Benchmark your entire social presence with competition and
improve your digital strategy with data driven insights

Develop your content and digital strategy with data driven insights

Benchmark​ ​your​ ​entire​ ​social

Are you measuring traffic volumes with your brand?

Are you tracking your social media post likes? Do you track your articles' web shares? 

EzyInsights Intelligence tracks any Facebook pages' overall social performance.

We will provide you with historical engagement data for any Facebook page. We also track social shares from your or any publishers' website.

Get a complete picture on how your perform against your competitors.

Content​ ​type​ ​analysis

Videos, articles, live videos or photos?  What type of content is engaging your audience?

EzyInsights Intelligence tracks all of your social content. You’ll know exactly which type of content creates most engagement with your and your competitors' brand.


What should you post? When should you post?

Intelligence heatmaps create a visually superb overview on how and when you post and when your content creates engagement.

Heatmap gives you visual overview with a glance and you are able to drill-down for details. Don’t fly blind.

Story analysis

What content drove the biggest engagement spikes? What were your or your competitors' most engaged articles? Which videos picked up most comments?

Develop your content strategy by comparing most and least engaged content on any Facebook page or website.

Get reports from past week, month, year or custom date range.

Data and insights for your entire team

EzyInsights Intelligence is the most powerful historical analytics tool for engagement data. It is already used by forward-thinking teams to benchmark and adjust their digital strategy for a truly data informed way of working.

Discover exactly how your pages fare against one another or competitors, learn what content works best for whom, and find out when you are missing out on Facebook engagement.


Know when pages publish posts on Facebook vs. when they get most engagement organically
Content​ ​type​ ​analysis
Get a breakdown of what type of content brings most and least engagement to any publisher
Story ranking
Find out which stories drove the biggest engagement spikes.
Analyse engagement with a longer perspective. Identify how your audience has developed over time.
Share​ ​of​ ​voice
Performance of selected pages against everything in your country and category.
What’s your slice of the pie? 
Competitor​ ​benchmark
You are not the only fish in the sea. Compare your engagement against your competitors.


Our customers tell us we stand out through

"Instant drill-down into details. Magic, and very handy."
User​ ​experience
"User interface is designed for everyone in the newsroom. This tool in not just for analysts but for every journalist and publisher."
"Intelligence data is highly accurate. We need to create context around data points. Think about it, do you measure traffic or engagement, volume or quality?"