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Use Cases and Customer Reference Stories

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Customer Use case and business need Results
Broadcaster, Finland 

Low budget approach to get holistic view into what is happening in the world and how to be the first to write about emerging stories.
106 % improvement in engagement
Viral, Global

Creating a world leading viral brand from scratch.
How one team is able to do content discovery globally and develop engaging content.
182 % more engagement within first 6 months
News, Sweden

When speed and being first matters - performance benchmarking against competition. 
What can you accomplish with a small, digital savvy team.
From number 11 to number 2 in their market within 9 months
Regional Publisher
The Netherlands

How to integrate data into a traditional newsroom. Overcoming organisational boundaries and culture to achieve digital success.  Results
47 % more engagement within 6 months
Broadcaster, Finland 

How a major commercial broadcaster was able to adapt their daily working practices into the digital era and use content discovery every day to find trending stories Results
81 % more engagement
Atres Media
Broadcaster, Spain

Taking a lead in a traditional market with digital. Driving newsroom transformation into digital ways of working and creation of data informed culture Results
71 % more engagement within first six months
Le Parisien
News, France

Established and leading newsroom made a huge improvement on engagement through content discovery and performance benchmarking Results
135 % improvement in engagement in 10 months
Regional News, Spain

Regional company with multiple local brands changed their approach to digital and made significant improvements across the group Results
75 % more engagement 
Magazines, Sweden

Traditional print magazine publisher made a strategic decision to move from the print market towards digital. Aller was able to execute this change and improve their digital engagement and traffic significantly Results
470 % more engagement
4.4 M increase in weekly page views

Our customers have been able to improve engagement by over 60 % on average

We track and measure what companies do online, both our customers and their competitors. We are data driven company and we practice what we preach.

Ezyinsights customers have improved their performance on digital with Ezyinsights Realtime and Intelligence. The average improvement in engagement is 105 %. The best have improved by more than 300 %. In less than a year.

Ezyinsights is a catalyst helping to make the change happen in newsrooms. We don’t take credit for all the improvements and results, but we’d like to think we play an important part in our customers journey.

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Ezyinsights is a tool for everyone in the newsroom (not only for a handful of analysts).

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