Benefits ( REDESIGN )

Grow your traffic.

Gather stories instantly.

in real time

Track who used your content in real time.


Analyze your content usage over time.


Track who used your images in Real-time. 
Know which images your customers are using and how popular their articles are. Identify photos used by non-customers. Sort by individual photographers in your team.

News discovery
in real-time

See the most engaging news in your country in Real-time.

news gathering

If you are like our customers, you spend 30 to 50 minutes per day on news gathering. We can help you cut the time spent by half.

Find out
how others are covering a story

Research an interesting story further. Find out how others are covering it. See who is getting most engagement and why.

when to post

Know when to post your next viral news to nurture your social media pages with maximum engagement.

your competitors

You are not the only fish in the sea. Compare your engagement against your competitors.

Used and trusted by thousands of
journalists all over the world

“We now have concrete proof of stories that work”

Australian Associated Press

Learn how Australian Associated Press is tracking their newswire performance.

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for your business