Newswire Tracking

Know who used your content and how

Track Content Usage

Know which publications have been using your content.

Detect Plagiarism

Identify unauthorized use automatically.

Analyse Performance

See what’s working and what’s not to make better editorial decisions

Prove Your Value

Use data to prove your value to customers and stakeholders.


Get automatic reports or generate ad hoc ones to easily track your performance.


Track who used your content in Real-time

Detect unauthorised used from non-customers.
Sort by individual authors or specific customers.
Include or exclude syndicated content.
Know how popular the published stories are.
Identify matches even when your text was heavily edited or only a single paragraph used.


Analyze your content usage over time

Know how many stories each of your customers used.
Allocate resources based on performance data.
Create better customer conversations using data.
Report on unauthorised use of your content.

Real-time Discovery

See the most engaging news in your country in Real-time

Added bonus: keep track of what’s overall trending in your country - in news, sports, lifestyle, or any other category.

Benefits & Value

Prove your worth with actual usage data per customer in sales meetings and other negotiations.

Create fair pricing based on a customer’s actual usage of your articles and photos.

Improve editorial work and decision making, Having a feedback loop of your content’s usage and performance will help you decide which topics to cover and how.

Smarter use of your resources. Imagine knowing what stories are popular among your customers in real-time. You will be able to direct your journalists and photographers to cover the most important news for your customers and their readers. 

Develop new offerings and business models. Easy access to your content’s usage and performance will unlock new opportunities for content packaging and innovations



"For the first time, we are getting actual, reliable data to help us set and track our content's KPI's"

Stephen Jones
Social Media Editor at the Press Association

"EzyInsights' Newswire supports our editorial work, detects unauthorized use and stimulates innovation in our newsroom”

Mark Westerhoff
CTO and Operations Manager at ANP

"More and more people at NTB love Ezyinsights' Newswire”

Magnus Aabech
Editor at NTB

"Imagewire has significantly sharpened our production line - which kinds of pictures our clients use the most, which photos perform the best and how our images should appear on different devices."

Peer Grimm
Managing Editor, Photo at dpa

Who Are We?

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