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Twitter - The complete picture Understanding the impact of content across different platforms is a necessity for any online publisher. What goes viral on Twitter is not the same as what resonates… Read More
The Best Sports Publishers on Instagram 2019 Instagram - The Top Sports Publishers on Instagram Summer 2019We analysed the top engaging publishers in Sports news. The first thing we discovered was  that many serious sports accounts post content that… Read More
EU elections 2019 top the news across Europe. (But not in Finland). Politics, Press, Social Media - EU elections 2019 top the news across Europe. (But not in Finland).European election news dominated in most EU countries. Sunday 26th May saw votes cast and counted across all EU member… Read More
The 10 Best News Sites on Instagram Instagram, News - As the popularity of news on Instagram is growing fast, here's a look at what the best news publishers on Instagram are doing in 2019.10. VICE News860k followersUnsurprisingly, VICE's strong… Read More
50% of all news posts on Instagram are serious Instagram, News - We’ve previously covered how certain news publishers approach Instagram. One common trait across publishers was a more relaxed or casual approach to the way news is presented on the platform.… Read More
Paywalls and social performance Paywalls - When business models move towards subscriptions, what does this mean for your social media team and social performance in general? Read More
How journalists should track politicians on social media Facebook, Instagram, Politics, Social Media - Two ways you can analyze politician's activity on social media. Read More
Tools in the Newsroom Data, Editorial workflow, Publishing - Working with newsrooms across Europe gives us insights into how they work in practice, when cultural hurdles are in play. Usage of tools is both essential and a constant pain… Read More
7 things we learned from top digital publishers in Europe Uncategorized - 1. Everyone should pay attention to engagement data: “It used to be only viral publishers or digital specialists that would be interested in this sort of data, nowadays it’s essential… Read More
How to Increase Traffic from Facebook in one easy step Uncategorized - Web Share engagement now accounts for well over half of all Facebook engagement on average across 5 different countries. Facebook themselves have stated that they give more weight in their… Read More
How to know what to post next Uncategorized - In the fast moving world of online news, something that would have lit social media on fire one minute will fall flat if you post it an hour later. How… Read More
Introducing: Data Driven Post Recommendations Uncategorized - EzyInsights is proud to announce the first big evolution of our Traffic Light system. Post Recommendations uses data from your own pages and article data to help show you WHEN… Read More

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