How one photo from Norway travelled around the world

How one photo from Norway travelled around the world

A seemingly ordinary picture of a cruise ship docked in Tromsø delivered extraordinary results to NTB recently. 

The image was used in nearly 500 articles by news outlets all over the world including publications like CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Washington Post, Time, South China Morning Post, Forbes, Al-Jazeera  and Frankfurter Allgemeine, reports Medier24.

“It's a rare occurrence for a photograph originating in our market”, says Erlend Aas, NTB’s Customers & Development Editor. “The image gained traction when it was picked up by collaborating agencies like AP, Reuters and AFP.”

NTB is one of the pilot customers for EzyInsights Imagewire that tracks the use of their photos. Previously, NTB did not know the impact of their photos - estimating their spread was guesswork. Now that they have the data to analyze their images’ performance, they understand that getting 100-200 pick-ups in global media is a good result, but a photo that’s been used in almost 500 articles is exceptional.

“Before Ezyinsights' Imagewire, we had no efficient way of tracking our images”, adds Mr Aas.

“The insight we get from Ezy is important to us in a number of ways. It's instrumental in quantifying customer value, it has great motivational and educational value to our photojournalists, and it can help us to detect and fight copyright infringement.” 

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