The Best Sports Publishers on Instagram 2019

The Best Sports Publishers on Instagram 2019

The Top Sports Publishers on Instagram Summer 2019

We analysed the top engaging publishers in Sports news. The first thing we discovered was  that many serious sports accounts post content that overlaps with what you'd expect from a viral publisher.   

After trawling the 'gram for the best examples, we present the top Sports Publishers for 2019.

With this list, please remember that as sports are seasonal, so is the popularity of sports publishers. This time next year, expect a lot more coverage of different sports as Olympic fever takes hold. We've also not included Sport teams or the athletes themselves.

For now, enjoy the best performing sports publishers on Instagram for Summer 2019.

BT Sport


UK based BT Sport focuses on football (and boxing) as they are the sports they own the rights for. One thing to note about them is that they post A LOT. 16 posts in a 24 hour period is not unusual. Their 'throw everything at the wall' approach to content includes videos, images, carousels and plenty of text over images. 



With an award coming for ugliest Instagram feed, UK based Talksport's strategy is that it posts Tweets on the wrong platform. But weirdly enough it works. It is said that people pay more attention to text that's posted as an image - here's some evidence to back that up.

Reuters Sport


Not a traditional sports news publisher. However - for pure, beautiful images of current (and past) sports events, Reuters' feed is a beauty and not to be missed.

Getty Sport Images


Yes they have the advantage of photographers all over the world, yes they aren't a traditional sports news publisher. Yes they are similar to Reuters of course and yes they are fairly small compared to other sports publishers. But forget all about that and go enjoy brilliant captures of the most important moments in sports. 



US based ESPN is as traditional a sports publisher as they come, yet they are playful and the media mix swings from news to highlights, to meme style community pleasing posts. High production values make it a polished feed that inevitably concentrates on US sports most of the time.

House of Highlights


Just about squeezing in to represent the more viral content type publisher, HOH deserves its place due to the sheer muscle of their numbers. They post and millions of people like. There *is* sports news mixed in with the viral stuff that is sometimes only tangentially related to sport at all. Think of HOH as a complementary feed to trad sports publishers on Instagram.

Sky Sports News


Focusing on Football (SOCCER for our US based readers) most of the time (who knew?), Sky Sports is the professional feed you'd expect from the experienced sport broadcaster.


More football courtesy of A slightly alternative approach to football news,'s feed is a real mix of lighthearted content, infographics and up to the minute news. Recommended for any football fan.

Sports Center


ESPN's little brother/stablemate. Their Instagram feed isn't afraid to place stats, news, videos, results and throwback images at you across a variety of US centric sports. 

Bleacher Report


US focused Bleacher Report is the staple Instagram sports feed. From serious to funny and everything in between. There's nothing that puts B/R head and shoulders above the others listed here, but their consistent branding, thoughtful image choices and good use of all the Instagram channels pushes it up to number one on our list.