The complete picture

Understanding the impact of content across different platforms is a necessity for any online publisher. What goes viral on Twitter is not the same as what resonates on Instagram. While one publisher will concentrate on mainstream news on Facebook, in another country, Twitter might have more priority. EzyInsights powerful and flexible tool can be set-up and adjusted on the fly to track news in a fast moving world, wherever it's posted.

Monitor the world on one screen

Wherever it's happening in the world, EzyInsights will show you. Realtime is the go-to tool for over a hundred publishers around the world to track the popularity of content across the web. The Realtime tool covers 4 separate platforms: See everything together, or easily isolate by platform. See content from groups of publishers, specific categories, using search terms and more.  Websites: Using existing or custom feeds, EzyInsights monitors every piece of content published on hundreds of thousands of websites around the world, in real-time.  Twitter: Focused on articles and image based media, EzyInsights pulls in Twitter data to show the content that is generating the most engagement. Facebook: Using direct API feeds, EzyInsights reveals the content that people are interacting with as it's posted. In a single view you'll see how pages have shared a particular article, along with the engagement generated by each one. Instagram: As the popularity of News, Sports and more increases rapidly on Instagram, EzyInsights is the place to monitor the content that works best. The combined coverage of these platforms is a key part of having a data-informed, cutting edge newsroom. In the image below you can see that 3 separate stories have been picked up from 3 different platforms; direct from the website, from Facebook and from Twitter.
No matter where the content originates, EzyInsights will gather together engagement across different platforms that relates to a given article, and show you where else that content was posted. If a piece of content exists only on one platform, we'll show you that too. Understand what resonates on different platforms has never been easier to see at scale.

Simplifying, simply.

As publishers continue to grow presences and deliver content across various social platforms, the number of tools available to track performance on them has ballooned. A prime benefit of EzyInsights is the ability to track multiple platforms, hundreds of thousands of publishers and millions of individual posts, all in one accessible tool.

Instant insights

EzyInsights has been designed to offer relevant content from the moment you launch it, without needing fiddly and time consuming setup. By covering different platforms and bringing them together, EzyInsights is able to serve a range of publishers and even brands and agencies. Test it out for yourself and see what EzyInsights can really do.