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Before Crowdtangle was acquired by Facebook in 2016, its presence was largely focused on the US market. Since then, having made the tool available to all media publishers, more European media houses have begun to investigate and use the tool.  EzyInsights appears on paper quite similar to Crowdtangle, both monitor Facebook engagement on media content. It can be a challenge for journalists and media publishers to distinguish between them without spending time testing each side by side.

We see Crowdtangle as a complementary tool to EzyInsights. Several EzyInsights customers also use Crowdtangle, although none of them feel that Crowdtangle replaces EzyInsights. We’ve put together a few of the key differences between both tools to help you understand how EzyInsights is the more comprehensive tool for news publishers.

“Not Posted” aka the ‘Post this!’ view.

Sometimes, content from your website starts taking off on Facebook before you’ve even posted it. We’ve seen time and again that publishers will have an older story suddenly pick up and start getting spread all over Facebook directly from the website. With EzyInsights, not only can you keep a constant eye on these stories, you can actually receive a push notification alert any time it happens. Many publishers from our customer list use our ‘Not Posted’ feature this way to great success. After all, when a piece of content has recent web shares, it carries weight within the Facebook algorithm which you can take advantage of. Let’s not forget that you can do this not only with your own content, but with that of all your competitors. Imagine being able to take advantage of topics and stories being posted by rival publications, imagine knowing something is going viral for a competitor before they do. Imagine no longer.



Real-time for real

In the fast moving world of online news, speed matters. EzyInsights discovers and measures news much faster and more frequently than anyone else, including Crowdtangle. What you see on the EzyInsights news feed reflects exactly what people are engaging with in the world right now, allowing journalists, news teams and editors to react in real-time. This means better results, more engagement, more reach and more traffic. From what we understand, Crowdtangle updates every quarter of an hour – not bad, but not fast enough to handle today’s news cycle and the flow of news through the Facebook algorithm.

Content Discovery
There is a fundamental difference between EzyInsights and Crowdtangle when it comes down to what you’re able to see within the tool. With Crowdtangle, you’re able to keep track of Facebook pages you know about (you add FB pages to a list which you can then track). With EzyInsights you see everything. You don’t need to have heard of a page and indeed there will likely be thousands of pages you aren’t aware of. This simply isn’t a barrier to Ezy users – they can see the entire world. We add pages constantly, from typical news publishers to politicians and political parties, communities and many more. With EzyInsights, you’re not just looking at the content that’s doing well right now, you’re seeing the evolution of the entire media ecosystem.

Journalists use it

How is this different from Crowdtangle, isn’t that also a tool for journalists? Surprisingly, the answer as we understand tends to be no (with exceptions obviously). We know that tools like Crowdtangle are useful, but also that they tend to be used by a social media manager rather than editorial staff, which means the impact is limited. EzyInsights on the other hand is used by everyone, from very traditional print journalists who’ve never even made a social media post, to those on the forefront of using data to navigate the fast moving online landscape. Expecting already stretched journalists to adopt yet another tool into their workflow is a big ask. If it doesn’t make their job easier, the usage rates of the tool remain low.

EzyInsights has had a focus from day one to be easy to use. Our existence as a company was driven from seeing the frustration so many users had using software and apps that were unwieldy, leaving users to feel like they were at fault, “this is a powerful tool but we don’t use it to its full potential.” In this respect we feel very strongly that powerful doesn’t need to mean complicated. We are always working on this, we don’t have a magic wand and we don’t always get it right, but in general our user numbers reflect our philosophy. EzyInsights is a tool to serve journalists and publishers, not make their life more difficult.

Mobile Apps

On both iOS and Android, the EzyInsights apps enable a couple of things – firstly and obviously is to access the tool anywhere you go. Brilliant use cases we’ve heard of include one editor at an entertainment/lifestyle magazine who checks in on the tram to work, meaning they arrive at the office already knowing what’s hot and what will be worth writing about. This contributes towards efficiency of the newsroom in a way that simply browsing news sites or Facebook cannot hope to do. Getting an overview on what’s really engaging your audience within minutes, even seconds, has proven a valuable resource for our users.

The second and main use for the EzyInsights mobile apps however is as a conduit to push important notifications to you. One of your stories is over-performing, a competitor has a fast moving article, something relevant to your audience is starting to go viral, someone you’re tracking was just mentioned by another publisher. Whatever is important to you and your publication comes direct to your lock screen, meaning within a second you can dismiss it or decide to take action upon it. When seconds count, minutes count, it’s essential to stay in the loop wherever you are. Beyond immediate actions, notifications serve a further purpose, keeping you abreast of unfolding narratives around a given subject. With Ezy notifications, you can follow stories about a person or subject without having to discover them manually or even read them. This feature has proven especially useful for writers that focus on a particular area, be it sports journalism, politics, gossip etc.

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