EzyInsights Intelligence

Benchmark your entire social presence and improve
your digital strategy with data informed insights

Develop strategy based
on data and insights

Ezyinsights Intelligence platform tracks your and your competitors overall social performance. We’ll show you engagement data that happened on social media posts as well as on the publisher’s websites.Get a complete picture on how you perform against your competitors.

Analyse the types of content

What type of content is engaging your audience? Ezyinsights Intelligence platform breaks down engagement by the type of content that drove it. You’ll know exactly what type of content creates most engagement for you as well as your competitors. See any publisher’s content strategy at a glance.

See the best posting times in the heatmap

When should you post and how often? How do your competitors do it? Intelligence heatmaps create a visually superb overview on when you post on Facebook versus when you are getting engagement. Heatmaps help you adjust your posting strategy and see at a glance exactly when you’re missing out on engagement. Don’t fly blind.

See the story ranking
of engagement data

What content drove the biggest engagement spikes? What were your or your competitors' most engaged articles? Which videos picked up most comments? Develop your content strategy by comparing most and least engaged content on any Facebook page or web-site. Get reports from past week, month, year or custom date range.

Improve your digital strategy with data
driven insights



Know when pages publish posts on Facebook vs. when they get most engagement organically

Content type

Get a breakdown of what type of content brings most and least engagement to any publisher


Story ranking

Find out which stories drove the biggest engagement spikes



Analyse engagement with a longer perspective. Identify how your audience has developed over time.

Share of voice

Performance of selected pages against everything in your country and category. What’s your slice of the pie?


You are not the only fish in the sea. Compare your engagement against your competitors.

Empower your whole newsroom with
real-time data and insights

TV Mode

“Since integrating real-time data in our displays, we can now say that we are truly data-informed. We’d be blind without EzyInsights.” Olav Haugan, Editorial Leader at TV2 Norway.


Journalists and reporters are able to set personal filters to suit their needs. Find relevant content based on sources, categories, keywords, languages and more. Set up alerts and never miss a story.

Chrome Extension

Find out how the article you’re reading is performing on different social channels with just one click.


Ezyinsights is able for Android and iOS. Have your filters and alerts with you get notifications when news emerge.

Monitor engagement across
all major social media

EzyInsights monitors and records engagement on content
from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Our customers perform
2 to 4 times better than their competitors

This example shows how publishers in the Netherlands perform compared to Ezyinsights customers. Typically our customers are able to improve their social and digital engagement by 100 % up to 400 % in less than a year.

Used and trusted by thousands of journalists all over the world

"Without Ezylnsights, our phenomenal growth at Newsner would not have been possible."

Johan Rikner

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