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Discover emerging news quicker

Being first to pick up on emerging stories has never been more important. The Ezyinsights Realtime platform monitors millions of stories daily, filtering what is relevant to you and your organisation. Everyone in the newsroom is able to monitor selected sources, competitors, keywords and categories. Be in the know, in Realtime.

Know where your audience is going

What content is your audience consuming elsewhere? How can you attract readers and gain engagement? Ezyinsights Realtime gives you a view into the content your audience is reading and the pages they read it on. We monitor both websites and social platforms to deliver real-time metrics on engagement.

Traffic Light tells when to post

When should you post on social? What should you post on social? EzyInsights unique Traffic Light means you’ll never again cannibalise your own engagement. Traffic Light is powered by our own learning algorithm that looks at engagement acceleration. It tells you when to hold off posting to ensure you reach maximum potential engagement on every post. Traffic Light is based on analytics and data informed insights to help you regulate post frequency and drive engagement. Your content is king and it deserves to be seen and heard.


Be the first to find new emerging stories. We provide emerging news by the minute. Find out why EzyInsights is the fastest tool available and what that means for you.

User Interface

Get valuable and relevant data as soon as you log in. Zero set-up, no passwords, one click access. Get straight to the most important metrics.

Relevant content

Custom filters surface content that is relevant to you. Unlimited filters mean a tool that scales up to the biggest newsroom with multiple publications.


Set up alerts on important content and let the news come to you via push notification, Slack or email. Never miss a story.

Instant insights

Being easy to use is part of our core philosophy. Take a trial and see for yourself.

Competitor Benchmark

You are not the only fish in the sea. Compare your engagement against your competitors.

Empower your whole newsroom with
real-time data and insights

TV Mode

“Since integrating real-time data in our displays, we can now say that we are truly data-informed. We’d be blind without EzyInsights.” Olav Haugan, Editorial Leader at TV2 Norway.


Journalists and reporters are able to set personal filters to suit their needs. Find relevant content based on sources, categories, keywords, languages and more. Set up alerts and never miss a story.

Monitor engagement across
all major social media

Our customers perform
2 to 4 times better than their competitors

This example shows how publishers in the Netherlands perform compared to Ezyinsights customers. Typically our customers are able to improve their social and digital engagement by 100 % up to 400 % in less than a year.

"Without Ezylnsights, our phenomenal growth at Newsner would not have been possible."

Johan Rikner

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