Editorial Workflow

Improve your editorial workflow with EzyInsights


1. Efficient news gathering

If you are like our customers, you spend 30 to 90 minutes per day on news gathering. We can help you cut the time spent by half.
Be consistently first to cover emerging stories. Let EzyInsights AI platform™ find relevant publishers and content based on who you are. We track what content your audience is engaging with including the publishers you don’t know about. Our AI platform™ keeps you automatically updated so you’ll never miss a story.

2. Clever curation

Research an interesting story further. Find out how others are covering the story. See who is getting most engagement and why.
Find your own angle and engage more readers. Curation with EzyInsights helps you differentiate from others and deliver high quality journalism.

3. Promote and post
at the
right times

Get your word out and grow your audience. Know when to post, know what kind of content type to use and how to maximise your reach and engagement.
EzyInsights Traffic Light™ with AI helps you optimise your posting sequence for maximised reach and engagement.


4 a) Monitor performance with your audience

Know what works best with the photos, headlines and captions. Keep track of how your audience engages with your content and do continuous improvement based on facts and data.

4 b) Benchmark your competitors and improve your performance

Get full visibility to your competitors’ posting sequence and content strategy. See how much engagement your competitors gain. Find out what works for them and what does not work for them that well on digital and social. Improve your digital and social strategy based on facts and data

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