Introducing: Data Driven Post Recommendations

Introducing: Data Driven Post Recommendations

EzyInsights is proud to announce the first big evolution of our Traffic Light system.

Post Recommendations uses data from your own pages and article data to help show you WHEN to post and WHAT you could post. This expansion of the previous Traffic Light system includes the same previous functionality and more.

As well as the Traffic Light, you'll see recommendations on what you could post next, based on engagement data signals.
As well as the Traffic Light, you’ll see recommendations on what you could post next, based on engagement data signals.

How do we do this?

Our Traffic Light works because we are able to track content engagement in real time. This data shows the effect that posting to a Facebook page has on the previous post. Other calculations mean the Traffic Light system adapts to the level of engagement on your page over time.

In order to begin making content recommendations for individual Facebook pages, we’ve developed an algorithm that takes into account data from multiple sources.

In this first stage of the Post recommendations feature, we are including engagement signals from articles you have published on your website but not yet posted on your Facebook page. This engagement consists of people bringing that story directly from your website to their own Facebook newsfeeds (an action that Facebook has been favouring since its ‘Friends and Family’ newsfeed algorithm update last year). We order this data and present the top three performing stories you haven’t yet posted on that Facebook page.

Making Smart recommendations smarter (aka: the future)

This is the first step in terms of turning data into personalised recommendations that will help you increase your engagement, with less effort from you.

We’ve already roadmapped the next stages of the Post Recommendations algorithm. As we move on, we expect to incorporate the following data sources:

  • Twitter engagement
  • Overperforming posts from other pages that belong to you
  • Historical articles that performed well from this time last year (and the year before, etc.)
  • Google Consumer Insights and Trends data

Finally, we hope to leverage some cutting edge technology that will be able to analyse stories that are doing well on competitor pages which you haven’t posted about yet. This powerful feature is really exciting

We are working hard to deliver these improvements to you as soon as possible.

What now?

Take advantage of Post Recommendations now and let us know what you think!