EzyInsights Realtime vs. CrowdTangle

EzyInsights Realtime or CrowdTangle?

On paper both CrowdTangle and EzyInsights may look pretty similar. Here is a comparison of the two leading platforms for content discovery.

EzyInsights appears on paper quite similar to CrowdTangle. It can be a challenge for journalists and media publishers to distinguish between them without spending time testing each side by side.

Some EzyInsights customers also use CrowdTangle, although none of them feel that CrowdTangle replaces EzyInsights. We’ve put together a few of the key differences between both tools to help you understand how EzyInsights is by far the more comprehensive tool for news publishers.

Quotes by Our Customers

“EzyInsights outperforms CrowdTangle. We are happy to pay for the advantage” – TV2 Norway, Olaf Haugen

“EzyInsights showed us stories from our own web domains that were getting traction on Facebook that we would never have known about. When we posted these, we achieved much higher than average reach.” – James Morgan, BBC News, the UK

“When we use both tools side by size, EzyInsights always delivers more information.” – Julien Sofianos, Le Parisien, France

“With EzyInsights we don’t rely only on the publishers and pages we know about – EzyInsights tracks everything online wherever it may be.” – Iltalehti Finland, Toni Kivinen

“EzyInsights is very good at pushing the data to us, with CrowdTangle we need to go and search for it. And we need to know the sources, which we obviously don’t always know.” – Aller Media Sweden, Joakim Holfve

“In a big newsroom like ours we use many tools, but EzyInsights is the one that journalists actually use and get value from.” – Hannah Osterberg, SvD Sweden

How EzyInsights Realtime outperforms CrowdTangle

Feature CrowdTangle EzyInsights Realtime
Social vs. web shares Limited only to posts on social platforms, no concept of website based articles that are shared on social by individuals / readers. You’ll get full picture. EzyInsights tracks both your posts on social platforms as well as content on your website. Quite often older publications become viral as your audience shares those. EzyInsights tracks all of this.
Content Discovery #1 EzyInsights discovers 3 to 5 times more stories every day in comparison to CrowdTangle. EzyInsights goes beyond social. We discover stories wherever they are on the web.
Content Discovery #2 Tracks only the Facebook pages you know about. CrowdTangle is built around creating lists. If you don’t know about a source, you cannot add it. See the entire world (as it happens). With EzyInsights you don’t need to know about any particular page. We’ll let you know about as their story picks up.
Content Discovery #3 Limited sources. Worldwide, EzyInsights tracks 25 times more sources than CrowdTangle
Usage and value across the newsroom Tool for analysts. Journalists – content discovery
Analysts – performance and benchmarking
Management – make strategic decisions based on data
Social media – audience behavior, real time trends and social post performance
The entire newsroom – finger on the pulse across the whole newsroom
Accuracy CrowdTangle’s flagship “Overperforming” metric is based on data from the past 100 posts only. This sample size is not big enough to give trustworthy results.

For media companies this could be only few days (or one sports event or natural disaster). This limited data leads to misleading results. We’ve encountered multiple occasions where CrowdTangle data shows one post doing very well that simply isn’t true.

All Overperforming data is affected by the difference in weekday and weekend posting and engagement levels.
We measure data over the past 30 days of each individual page’s performance – giving a much more accurate and stable view upon which to base decisions.
User interface See for yourself or talk with current users. Requires significant setup and training before use. Ezyinsights is very easy to use. Immediate value from the first click. Easy to customise for different use cases. Book a demo and compare yourself because this cannot be described with words.
Speed 15 minute intervals.

If you post on average 15 minutes late, the impact on annual ad revenue is significant.
1 minute intervals.

We are real time. Faster than anyone else on the market.
Metrics Post based view gives a fragmented and misleading picture. Story based approach provides an accurate view of what articles and content are working online.
When to post on social No feature provided. Traffic Light tells you when to post and when not to post.
Affiliation with social platforms Since Facebook acquisition, CT data is no longer an independent source.

Journalists deserve objective data sources.

We are independent and objective.

We do not favour nor exclude any source or platform.
Mobile app No feature provided. iOS and Android Push notification alerts ensure Ezy customers are the first in the know and able to react fastest. Your filters and content discovery are available in the mobile app.
TV Mode Big screen mode is cluttered and not designed for over head screens. Dedicated TV Mode delivering actionable data for everyone in the newsroom.

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