Announcement: Atex and EzyInsights partnership

Announcement: Atex and EzyInsights partnership

We are excited to announce our co-operation with Atex, who provide the powerful and flexible content management platform used daily by publishers all over the world.

Atex and EzyInsights have now partnered to offer the EzyInsights tools to their customers, with a roadmap that will also integrate the Ezy experience right inside the Atex Digital Media content production suite.

Over 100 newsrooms worldwide already get value from the real-time data and insights provided in our tools. This partnership puts us a step closer to even more journalists who can benefit from our services. Our integration with Atex’s platform also gives our shared customers another way to access EzyInsights data directly within their Content Management System.

The EzyInsights-Atex integration will allow journalists to see other trending stories related to the article they are writing.

In Atex’s own words:

“The goal is to make it possible for journalists to view how their stories are performing and, using the same application where they manage their content, also allow them to monitor social analytics.

While writing a story, the discovery features of EzyInsights will provide instant access to articles on the same subjects that have surfaced on social networks. Content publishing optimisation tools will tell editors when it’s the best time to post an update on social networks.”

If you want to know more about the Atex and EzyInsights integration, please contact an Atex representative.

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The integration with Atex’s platform will allow the comparison of social media metrics from other related articles.