EzyInsights NYC Diary: AdWeek 2013 – PART 2

EzyInsights NYC Diary: AdWeek 2013 – PART 2

Documenting EzyInsight’s trip to NYC, as told in the unique voice of our Business Development Manager, Christel “Titte” Vaenerberg.

The Wi-Fi woes continue.

Now it’s Tuesday morning, still no Wi-Fi anywhere. And you cannot buy a sim card for your iPad – AND you cannot create a hotspot from your local sim card. Very LOW tech.


One obstacle I had not expected – most badges have only the person’s name, no company names. So making new contacts isn’t that easy, and you need to be fast to get rid of useless contacts!

Attended a session this morning all about storytelling and creativity.


Some headlines I remember:

“Digital storytelling doesn’t exist, it is holistic storytelling over all platforms.”

“Digital is a media platform and it is all about distribution.”

“A good story is informative, emotional and has a high level of utility.”

So far, so uninspiring.

One frustrating thing I’ve noticed is that many brands here still understand digital and social media as a place to publish their traditional marketing messages. Copying with almost zero iteration their existing brand message, campaign etc.

And we thought it was a Scandinavian and European problem only!

So our challenge increasingly appears to be changing perspectives 180 degrees. Not sending one way messages, but creating experiences that influence and affect people.

This was from a talk given by a creative agency:

“Creating stories and content people want to share and talk about – over all platforms – starts from a human being, or a problem. When you reach out to genuine feelings, emotions and situations we can connect with – we share. If your aspirations are high, you need to allocate resources.”

Then they gave an amusing example of good storytelling from Australia, where there had been a popular article on “Dumb Ways to Die” – and how falling on the Metro rails was one of them.

Result: Less people died on the rail tracks in the following period!

Now we are preparing for the EzyInsights launch tonight, and accompanying party at Nest New York. There are apparently 130+ people coming. I hope we get some good contacts.