EzyInsights NYC Diary: AdWeek 2013 – PART 1

EzyInsights NYC Diary: AdWeek 2013 – PART 1

Welcome to the first post documenting EzyInsight’s trip to New York, as told in the unique voice of our Business Development Manager, Christel “Titte” Vaenerberg.

Firstly, hello all. Secondly, it has been a messy first morning, this city is really lousy with wifi. At a mobile morning there was no wifi!!

My hotel, The Carlton Arms, cheap as hell and dirty. I’m sure I’ll have an asthma attack before the end of the week. Such is start-up life.

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1. Attended my first event and succeeded in giving an 8 second elevator pitch to one person (from a major chocolate manufacturer) who’d just given her talk. She had said that their company goes for quick hits “for us it is about reach”. I had expected people here in the US to be further ahead than that. Their buzzword is mobile, and how to reach people better taking into account that platform.

2. Sneaked in the back door of another event and managed, along with our NY guide Peter Tarrant – to grab the Digital Director of a major credit card company and get him into Starbucks. He insisted that they already had great social media analytics tools and that no one wants a new tool they have to remember another login for. I showed him our new UI (it’s so easy to use) with his data already there, right next to his main competitor’s. His eyes went big. Then I showed him the competitor report our guys back in Helsinki had made. Nailed it. We should have a second meeting with them later this week, including a couple of other people from his team. Fingers crossed.

3. Got a name for Bloomingdales – we’ve been tracking them and Macy’s recently, so I hope we can chase that lead.

4. Sat in on the next session – turned out it was the wrong one. Shit. There must have been two rooms. The whole thing is not very well arranged to be honest.

5. Here are some more ‘inspirational’ pictures from my hotel room.


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