Madrid Calling: Let’s Discuss Digital Newsrooms

Madrid Calling: Let’s Discuss Digital Newsrooms

Press Association of Madrid (APM) and EzyInsights will host an event for media professionals on May 8th

Together with the Press Association of Madrid, we’re gathering media professionals from Spain and abroad to discuss digital transformation in the newsroom. You are invited to join us for a discussion with Schibsted, Het Mediahuis, Henneo, El Independiente and more!

To facilitate open dialogue, we’ll be hosting two interactive panels: one focusing on the business aspects of digital transformation, the other on the editorial and audience development side. We expect an audience of journalists and editors to take active part in both panel discussions.

The language of the event is English, with Spanish translation available on demand.

Register for your free ticket before they run out!

P.S. The event will also mark the launch of SoMe Index in Spain – the most reliable public benchmark of publishers’ digital engagement. SoMe Index is currently available in France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.








Title image by @Carlos Zurita