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Welcome (again) to the EzyInsights blog.

Here you will find a ton of information about social analytics, web analytics, digital marketing and Social Media in general. Ranging from such hot topics as return on (engagement/investment) in Social Media, finding the right channel for your business or just getting the most out of Social Media for your brand.

In-depth analysis of the social web, the changing face of (digital) marketing, tips and tricks to extend your reach and improve engagement with your presence, you’ll get something to cater for all tastes written in ezy-to-understand language.

As a company or a brand you may be facing some issues publishing to Social Media such as keeping a consistent brand image or not knowing the best opportunities to post, both time and platform, because the data you get back from your resources is too complex or you don’t receive it in the first place. You should be maximizing all the things you do based on data but putting a value on your return on investment (ROI) or better still return on engagement (ROE) can be difficult.

Social Media, advertising and marketing is developing all the time and with the current economic climate it is even more important to do things effectively. Using a data driven approach is key to acting based on fact and getting returns of investment in Social Media is still something that everyone is struggling with. This blog aims to help you to find solutions to these issues in a way that is simple to comprehend – you don’t need to be an expert in the field to reap the benefits.

If you feel like this then you may be in the wrong place!

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