How can EzyInsights help sports reporters

How can EzyInsights help sports reporters


Finding engaging stories quickly is why journalists use EzyInsights. When it comes to sports reporting, the importance of speed is particularly critical. How can you maximise your chances of finding the right stories faster than competitors?

1) Look at the big picture

For the big picture of what’s engaging sports fans in your country, set up a wide filter that combines
Sport and Sport Teams categories with your specific country.

EzyInsights will show you the fastest moving stories from all the sports publishers and teams we track in your country.

It’s ideal for seeing what stories, headlines, images and videos are driving the most engagement in realtime.  

2) List specific publishers for each sport you cover

Covering football, volleyball, F1, or horse racing? List the main sources that cover specifically that sport and save that filter for a quick overview of the stories that matter most.


3) List teams in the league   

Covering a sport that has team leagues – like NHL / KHL / Champions League / La Liga, etc.? Create a filter by listing the teams’ names to stay on top of their updates.


BONUS: You can find La Liga and Serie A in your Trending filters. 👇🏼

4) Search by keyword

Want to catch stories about specific athletes or sport events? Create a filter using their names or any other relevant keyword as search terms. You can further refine your search by language, country, or media category.

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