How to see what’s trending on Instagram

How to see what’s trending on Instagram

Create a dedicated Instagram filter in EzyInsights

Since we introduced Instagram to EzyInsights earlier this year, its importance for publishers has grown.

“Instagram referrer traffic to publishers has grown 232% since January 2017” – Chartbeat.

The best performing Instagram posts appear in your feed alongside other trending stories. However, Insta posts might get lost among other news items. How can you catch that influencer’s picture as it’s going viral, or see what’s working on Instagram for other publishers?

Create a separate filter to see at a glance the best performing posts only on Instagram.

Why is this useful?

  • It can help you improve your Instagram strategy by understanding what is working on the platform for others.

    Youth-focused radio channel NRK P3 is among the best performing publishers on Instagram in Norway


  • It can help you find engaging stories directly from the source. Engaging Insta posts will surface and not get lost among other news items. This is especially useful if you’re looking for stories about celebrities, travel, and lifestyle.
Instagram is great for following celebrities

Instagram accounts are growing fast, so if you can’t find one in EzyInsights you can always add it. Copy-paste the link to the page you’d like to add in the Publishers field and follow the instructions from there.

Pro Tip: Add an Instagram filter to your TV dashboard. That way your entire team will see what’s happening on the platform, making it easier to spot trends.

Need help setting up an Instagram filter? Follow our step-by-step guide.