4 Ways of Advertising on Facebook – Social Media Is Not An Advertising Platform

4 Ways of Advertising on Facebook – Social Media Is Not An Advertising Platform

Perhaps a contradictory statement, but I wanted to highlight methods of advertising on Facebook. Businesses still seem to be searching for tangible Return on Investments (ROI)  from their Social Media presences but as the title says, to paraphrase Avinash Kaushik:

Social Media Is Not An Advertising Platform. It is a platform to nurture and deepen relationships.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot advertise per se. It should however make you realise that advertising on Facebook is part of an ever developing Digital Marketing landscape. You should think long and hard about what your goals are, as well as ways of reaching those goals without putting off your potential customers.

Traditional Advertising

These are the ads you see down the side of your Facebook page. Ad-blockable and perhaps not too effective? This method can at least be easily measured

Promoted Posts

Pay for specific posts to be posted to specific user groups and appear in their feed. Super intrusive but may well be utilised more, given the changes in promotions and competitions within Facebook recently.

Tabbed Page

You can have almost anything you want on a tab of your page, this includes promotions and/or catalogs. Finding these tabs can be complicated for the user though.

Wall Posts

Very much dependent on your following and how engaged they are with you. As per the quotation, I would not recommend advertising in this form.

To continue the quotation:

The questions is: do you know how to do relationships?

Wall posts especially don’t necessarily provide an ROI directly, but they provide an opportunity to build relationships. Become part of the consumers life as, and when, they need you … not the other way around.

How to do relationships?

In brief it’s dialog instead of monologue. And it won’t be easy for traditional advertisers to adapt.

That’s another great comment from Avinash’s post. Know you audience, listen to them and build relationships through conversation.

At EzyInsights we can help identify hot topics and conversations, who is talking about what. Take an interest in your audience and have dialog with them on subjects that are relevant to them.

Have you advertised on Facebook for certain campaigns? What method do you use?