EzyInsights NYC Diary: AdWeek 2013 – PART 3

EzyInsights NYC Diary: AdWeek 2013 – PART 3

Documenting EzyInsight’s trip to NYC, as told in the unique voice of our Business Development Manager, Christel “Titte” Vaenerberg.

So Tuesday was an interesting day…

One issue for me today was seeing so few women on the panels. I attended four sessions, only one had a woman on stage.

Under the topic of “Big Data” I listened to these panel discussions. Nothing new under the sun. The generation gap is still there, and people are not looking into the future – they are not getting it.


One Big Boss was saying TV is still the best media to reach scale for your message and brand. Three guys said nothing. The fourth one in a most American way disagreed, giving his opinion in wordy sentences to be polite. I was thinking of all the fantastic examples I’ve seen on Social Media from brands like Dove.


Dove’s stories online are strong. The brand trusts the audience will spread them where is most convenient for them, on Facebook, via twitter, Tumblr or wherever they have a presence. They also understand that stories like these will not die. They live so much longer than the 60 second commercial you did not want to see during your favourite show.


Brands like this understand the importance of who is sending you the link. When the message is coming from a close friend, a family member, a trusted colleague etc. The level of trust in these sorts of messages is so high – it’s word of mouth. Less and less people trust online ads. In Germany recently we were told it’s under 20%, although ‘official’ figures suggest it at over 30%. Whatever it is, some brands understand the importance in letting real fans and the audience take on the role as your brand messengers.

These brands also dare to invite their real fans into a dialogue on Facebook. Here you can build a huge community for your brand on Facebook in almost no time. Is it really the case that too many companies are scared to get involved in this new two way engagement? Someone had said in reply:

“You can also destroy your brand in minutes on there.”

Do you agree?

I’ll be back soon to tell you how the launch party went.