Intelligence – Powerful historical data for you

Intelligence – Powerful historical data for you

EzyInsights is proud to announce the launch of Intelligence – putting powerful historical data at your fingertips.

Over the last 3 years, we’ve worked with the top publishers around the world. We’ve tracked hundreds of millions of stories. We’ve seen newsrooms and editorial teams transformed by our real-time data.

Now, the perfect complementary tool has arrived to help you reach ever greater success leveraging the power of social.

Billions of rows of historical data have now been made accessible in EzyInsights Intelligence.

Intelligence gives you the ability to see exact data and instantly spot trends across publishers and industries.

Heat maps – show you exactly which hours of the day your pages get engagement. Easily optimise your posting schedule.
Content type analysis – see how different types of content over or under perform (video, native video, pictures, links and text).
Competitor benchmarking – compare performance over weeks, months and even years.
Story Ranking – see which posts and stories generated the most engagement

What data is the most important?

Developed by data scientists, and using feedback from the world’s most advanced newsrooms, we have refined what you see into only the most valuable insights. Accurate and easy-to-understand big data that helps you make informed strategic decisions to increase performance online.

Overview: The starting point

The definitive historical comparison tool for social media performance.

See your pages, your competitors and more.
Find instant answers to questions such as:

What were the stories that caused biggest spikes?
Are we outperforming others?
What are the trends developing in your data?

Post type analysis

See exactly what content you’re posting and what is over performing.

What percentage of your posts are video?
What percentage of your engagement comes from that content?
Have links performed well?
Should you post more images?

See the strategies on social that work. Not just for your own content, but every competitor.


Intelligence’s unique heat maps show which hours of the day your engagement happens, when you really post and how frequently. Understand your audience behaviour using accurate, meaningful data. Fill in holes in engagement and respond dynamically to a changing readership.


See the content that worked. The most popular videos, the best performing articles and the most engaging live streams. Whether reporting or analysing, the story leaderboard is an essential tool for page managers and journalists.


It is no surprise that the top performing publishers online are the ones equipped with the data to help them succeed.

EzyInsights customers perform 48% better on average than others.

Join us today and unlock the power of your brands online.