Just Why is George Takei So Popular on Facebook?

Just Why is George Takei So Popular on Facebook?

George Takei gets a lot of media attention. He has become a Social Media superstar. Much has been written about his rise in Social Media standings. Many articles appeared in the first quarter of last year (2012) about his rise – about a year after his Facebook page was launched. There were interviews on Forbes and lots of attention in tech circles.

One year on and the who’s who of Social Media list Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga as two of the top celebrities with a fair amount of interaction and engagement – but one of the most talked about celebrities is George Takei.

As I was researching this, a quick search of Beiber, Gaga and Takei just look at these figures.


  • Justin Bieber: 50.5 million
  • Lady Gaga: 54.8 million
  • George Takei:  3.3 million

Talking about this:

  • Justin Bieber: 1.1 million
  • Lady Gaga: 0.4 million
  • George Takei:  4.2 million

So, as I talked about it is not all about the likes – really 🙂 But why is he so popular?

Although he might post about serious subjects that concern him such as gay rights & race equality, promoting his books or plays most of his posts are memes, funny pics and comments – much of which is fan generated.

He and his partner take the time to listen to his audience also – driving engagement even further. Can you imagine get an image you shared with him getting shared to millions of people?

Keep it positive and fun!