Know Your Audience Better

Know Your Audience Better

I wrote an introductory article about knowing your audience some time ago and felt it was time to shed some light on ways of listening to your audience, finding out more about them and engaging further.

Help to understand your audience better

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason

A common expression that sums up any relationship well, meaning you should listen more than you talk. At EzyInsights we have built a simple three step model; we show you what people are talking about and who is talking. This will help you to understand more in terms of what your audience is about.

Social Media is not about the sell

Social Media should not be about the sell – users switch off from that pretty quickly. If you get to know your audience better you can

  • engage in dialog with them on topics that interest them
  • build these relationships on a personal and friendly level
  • create trust

Trust is key

Recommendations from friends are  the most valued opinions. 70%  percent of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends, but only 10% trust advertising, according to a recent report from Forrester Research. You want your SoMe presence to be like a friend to your consumer – part of their life.


It would be impossible to reply to all posts or comments when you have a massive following. But being able to select interesting or troublesome ones quickly can help diffuse a situation and/or generate more conversation.

The ability to identify ambassadors is a critical element in your Social Media strategy. Ambassadors are brand or product advocates that can help you promote or support your products.

Connected Friends

Social Media’s “influential individuals”, if they even exist, are being replaced by groups of connected friends who make up a small circle of trust. Our daily communication is only with a handful of people.

Why is this good? Because  70%  percent of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends!!

Want to find out more?

How are you getting to know your audience better? Do you want to find out how EzyInsights can help you identify key circles and nurture these relationships? Sign up for early access and contact us by simply writing on our Facebook wall or sending us a tweet.