#MeToo: How Social Sharing Rocked Global Headlines

#MeToo: How Social Sharing Rocked Global Headlines

What started on Tuesday as a social media campaign to raise awareness about sexual violence against women, turned into news headlines across the world. We took a closer look at what stories resonated the most with readers online.

As of today, these are the most popular articles about #MeToo. 

Lindy West’s powerful column in The New York Times on Weinstein and the #MeToo movement hit the point home for many - gaining over 100k total engagements in a day. The story of the movement’s creator Tarana Burke in the Huffington Post and Mic resonated as well, as did Upworthy’s article about the role of men in the movement. Actress Alyssa Milano also grabbed headlines since it was her tweet that helped to further spread the campaign’s reach.

Since Facebook brings publishers the bulk of social media traffic, we also analyzed which Facebook pages got the most engagement on their #MeToo posts.

Publishers whose Facebook posts got the most engagement
The New York Times' Facebook page takes 5th place, while HuffPost Women and HuffPost dominate the chart in first and third place respectively. Their pages posted multiple high-impact articles about the movement and reshared them a few times using different headlines. In addition, they engaged their readers further by posting images with quotes like the ones below.






Mic Media’s Facebook page is second on the list thanks to the great video they shared with Tarana Burke explaining what the movement is about and why she started it 10 years ago.

This video is, in fact, the most popular individual post about #MeToo on Facebook.

The other top posts on the subject include HuffPost Women’s image with Lara Witt’s quote shared above, Ellen DeGeneres’ status update:

Pictoline’s photo:

and BBC News post with a link:

Finally, we analysed the keywords used in headlines about the movement, and discovered that on top of the expected terms like sexual, harrassment, women, rally, and campaign, words related to the California’s female leaders speaking out gained a lot of engagement. The social media movement has already had real-life consequences in Sweden. Using the hashtag, multiple women came out with accounts of sexual assault by a fellow journalist at Aftonbladet and a high-level executive at SVT. As a result, both media companies launched internal investigations and suspended the accused men until further notice.