What is Community Management?

What is Community Management?

What is online community management? I am sure that many different perceptions exist regarding what this is exactly. The role of community management is evolving along with that of Social Media and is greatly influenced by the realization, from companies especially, about the power of the peoples voice.

Community Manager


The role of CM  has been present online for a number of years, starting from Sysops, to moderators on bulletin boards or forums, through to real communities or special interest groups that developed in the 90’s.

Today from a businesses point of view there may be  an array communities to manage; from the usual suspects of Facebook, to potentially Twitter and YouTube. There are others to consider too such as forums, Vimeo, Instagram, FourSquare, Pinterest and many more.

Key Tasks

With many similarities to brand management – community management is about:

  • Growing the community (the product user base)
  • Building trust with the collective, and individuals, through engagement
  • Listening to your audience & building personal relationships
  • Gathering feedback to constantly improve the community and perhaps more importantly the product

Help is at hand

To assist you with these key tasks EzyInsights has developed a 3 step process to show what people are talking about and who is talking. This will help you form valuable relationships that give true rewards on your Social Media activities.

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