Analysing Facebook Election Coverage 2017

British Publishers’ Facebook Coverage of UK Party Leaders This blog post is based on a large dataset of British news publishers’ (such as BBC News, Daily Mail and The Independent) mentions of UK party leaders in Facebook posts. We look at how much engagement (reactions, shares, and comments) the posts that mentioned the party leaders got. […]

The strange tale of USA Today’s Facebook page

In February 2017, USA Today overtook Fox News to become the biggest US news publisher on Facebook. By May 5th, USA Today announced that they had asked the FBI to look into an enormous rise in fake followers. Facebook had deleted 6 million page likes from USA Today’s page, and claimed as many as 200m across the platform had been identified […]

French Presidential Election 2017 on Facebook – the Final Round

Updated Daily: French Presidential Election 2017 on Facebook – the Final Round The result after the Election on Sunday 7.5.2017 A longer post with more data on the first election round with all 11 presidential candidates is available here, beware the long loading time as there are a lot of graphs!

Updated Daily: French Presidential Election 2017 on Facebook

Le Pen and Mélenchon are leading on Facebook Who will go to the second round in the French Presidential election? Can we see who is going to win from the social media engagement? Update on 24.4.2017: Data is no longer updated. This page archives the Facebook engagement history of the candidates and the information can […]

Filter Bubbles, Media & Elections – Join Our Keynote at SXSW

Since 1987, SXSW (South by Southwest) has been bringing together film, music, and media pioneers for two weeks in mid-March to take over Austin, Texas. Over the years, the gathering has grown into a conglomerate, incorporating more topics to capture the contemporary zeitgeist. So on top of film screenings, music performances, and a comedy festival, it now […]

Crowdtangle vs EzyInsights

vs. Before Crowdtangle was acquired by Facebook in 2016, its presence was largely focused on the US market. Since then, having made the tool available to all media publishers, more European media houses have begun to investigate and use the tool.  EzyInsights appears on paper quite similar to Crowdtangle, both monitor Facebook engagement on media content. It […]

Introducing the New EzyInsights (Part 2)

Hello everyone! Last time we went over two major changes we’ve made in for the new version of EzyInsights rolling out over the next few weeks, Storycards and TV Mode. This time we’ll take a look at two big hitting features in Over Performing and Alerts. Our Over Performing view is one of the features that we’re most excited about. […]

Introducing the new EzyInsights (Part 1)

Welcome to our first post about the all new EzyInsights! Over the last year, we’ve been beavering away on an extensive set of improvements for EzyInsights. Thanks to fantastic customer feedback and requests, we have a slew of new features, big and small, to make your experience easier and more powerful. As we approach launch, we’re now able to […]

How Does High Facebook Engagement Help Publishers?

Snowflakes are a classic example of symmetry. We have been thinking about correlations a lot recently. Correlation a fascinating pattern of similarity that may lead people to imagine connections that do not exist in reality. Everybody knows correlation does not imply causation, and many of us are aware that the times when people drowned in pools correlate […]

The most popular stories of 2016 on Social Media

Was 2016 really that bad? Or have we misremembered it all? As is customary, it’s the time of year to take a look back at the events that flooded our Facebook feeds over the last twelve months. 2016 was notable perhaps for being the year when extremely popular content, widely shared and engaged with, was completely absent from […]